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About us

PSP Tunnelling Engineers GmbH

PSP is a company of consulting engineers for tunnelling, foundation- and civil engineering. In 1969 it was founded under the name of „Ingenieurbüro Gerhard Philipp“. When W. Schütz joined the company it was renamed to „Philipp + Schütz“. Since 1986 the name of the company was „Philipp, Schütz & Partners“, abbreviated PSP. In August 2009 the legal form of PSP was changed to a German GmbH, which in general is comparable to a Limited Company. The registered company name was PSP Consulting Engineers GmbH. Since April 2018 the name of the company is PSP Tunnelling Engineers GmbH.

Owners and managing directors of PSP are:

  • Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Fritz Grübl
  • Dr.-Ing. Bertram Ostermeier

Main share holder since April 2018 is ZPP Ingenieure AG

PSP has many years of extensive international experience in all fields concerning tunnelling and foundation engineering. This results from theoretical and practical work on behalf of employers as well as contractors acting as site managers, structural engineers, supervisors and experts nationally and abroad. Most of PSP’s staff of currently about 15 engineers have been accompanying the firm for a long time. Their experience in combination with the experience of the managing directors enables a high standard of project treatment to be accomplished. A modern IT-infrastructure and a network of computers equipped with problem oriented software is at disposal in the office.

The following services are within PSP’s scope of work:

  • feasibility studies
  • preliminary design
  • final design
  • construction reference and working design
  • preparation of tender documents
  • site supervision
  • developing and evaluation of alternatives
  • consulting of sites
  • expert opinions and reviews

Tunnelling in rock and loose rock

Tunnelling in rock and loose rock by both mining and cut and cover method have been and still are a centre of PSP’s work from the very beginning. Work includes:

  • tunnels for roads, railway, utilities etc.
  • water galleries and sewers
  • pipe jacking
  • shafts
  • caverns
  • excavation pits

Shield driven Tunnels with Segmental Lining

Since the beginning PSP had put a focus on shield driven tunnels and segmental linings and is well known all over the world. Also tunnels and other underground structures constructed in shotcrete method, cut and cover or top down method are within PSP’s fields of activities.

New structural analysis methods

Right from the start of the company PSP’s work centers in the field of soft ground TBM tunnelling. Several new structural analysis methods in this area were influenced by PSP:

  • calculation of face support for shield tunnelling
  • 3-dimensional FEM calculation of tunnels
  • calculation of settlements for TBM tunnels
  • structural analysis and segment design integrating the loads and influences during transport and advance
  • guidance of TBMs

PSP is seated in Munich, Germany.

Our Partners

Furthermore PSP is linked to the tacs gmbh, Munich which is developing and trading guidance systems with integrated ring calculation for tunnelling machines. tacs proceeds the development which was started in the 80-ies within PSP.

PSP also had shares in the Brüniger & Co Engineering GmbH, Munich in the past which allows for taking benefit of the extensive experience in the field of electro-mechanical tunnel equipment of the Brüniger & Co and R. Brüniger AG, Switzerland.