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Our Activities

PSP’s scope of work can be described with the following catchwords:

  • design
  • consulting
  • calculations
  • coordination
  • supervision
  • controlling

These works include:

  • feasibilty studies
  • preliminary design
  • studies for alternative variants
  • detailed design
  • final design
  • preparation of tender documents
  • site supervision
  • consulting for construction
  • geotechnical services

Structures in rocks and soft ground

Structures in rocks and soft ground constructed in mined or cut and cover methods have always been the centre of PSP’s engineering services, such as:

  • tunnels for railways and roads
  • pipe jacking
  • galleries
  • shafts
  • caverns
  • excavation pits
  • injections
  • jet grouting

Shield driving with segmental lining

Since the foundation of PSP a centre of activity has been the method of shield driving with segmental lining. In this special field PSP is to be found among the leading engineering offices in the world.

A lot of consulting and checking of designs as well as design work is being and has been done by PSP for planned projects, projects under construction and also completed construction activities.

Geothermics in Tunnelling

In recent times PSP is also working intensively on geothermal aspects in tunnelling. The development of special precast geothermal energy segments is one focus of he research and consulting works. Research activities with university institutes are dealing with test fields of tunnel shellswith shotcrete and insitu-linings