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Examples of PSP-Projekts

Metro Gern U1W5, Munich, Germany

Sewer Projects, Munich, Germany
open shields and EPBM-TBMs

Structural alteration of sewer „Mittlerer Ring Ost", Munich, Germany
shield driven sewer with mechanically supported face, culvert

Sewer Aubachtal, Regensburg, Germany
pipe jacking with slurry-shield

A96, Tunnel Eching, Germany
cut and cover tunnel in groundwater

Tunnel B2new, Farchant, Germany
shotcreting method for road tunnels in rock and loose rock

Tunnel Rastatt, Germany 

Guggenbergtunnel, Germany
road tunnel, shotcreting method for bypass of Peißenberg, Bavaria

Metro U6N6 Garching, Gemany
shotcreting method under compressed air

Metro "Nord-Süd-Stadtbahn Köln", Cologne, Germany
slurry-shield driven tunnels, cut and cover method for stations

Citytunnel 2015, Karlsruhe, Germany
shield driven tunnel for tram

Metro Berlin U5, Germany

Westerschelde Highway Tunnel, Netherlands

Drinking water gallery "Hofoldinger Stollen",  Munich, Germany

High-speed railway line "Stuttgart–Ulm" and "Stuttgart 21"
feasibility studies and project work for German Railway Authority (DB AG)

S-Bahn Hamburg, Germany
shield driven tunnel with segmental lining

Katzenbergtunnel, Germany
preparation of tender documents for alternative of shield driven tunnels

Metro Vancouver, Canada
EPBM driven tunnel with segmental lining

Metro Istanbul, Türkei
shield driven tunnels on Eurpoean and Anatolian Side

Light Rail System – Red Line Project – Tel Aviv, Israel,
Shield driven tunnelsections

Utility tunnels in Moskau und Belgrad
Shield driven tunnels with segmental lining

Headrace-Tunnel Tapovan, Indien
Shield driven tunnel for an hyraulic power plart

Railway tunnel in Sochi, Russland
Shield driven tunnel with segmental lining

Tunnel Rieneck, Germany
mined road tunnel

Metro Fasanenhof, Stuttgart, Germany
mined railway tunnel

Tunnel Schlüchtern, Germany
shield driven railway tunnel

Magnetic high-speed railway "München 21", Munich, Germany
mined tunnels

Tunnel "2. S-Bahn-Stammstrecke München", Munich, Germany
mined railway tunnels and stations

Metro U3N2 Moosach, Munich, Germany

Wienerwaldtunnel, Vienna, Austria
shield driven tunnels with segmental lining of 2 rings

El Salam Suez Siphon, Egypt

Metro Guangzhou, China
shield driven tunnels

Metro Almaty, Kasakhstan

Irrigation gallery Doukkala, Maroc
full face TBM in hard rock

Metro Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal
EPBM-TBM with foam

Metro Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Metro Krasnoyarsk, Russia
shield driven tunnel with segmental lining

Metro Valencia, Spain
EPBM-TBM with foam

Metro Bangkok, Thailand
EPBM-TBM with foam

Water agllery Ashkabad, Turkmenistan
shield driven gallery with segmental lining

Metro Ankara, Turkey

Metro Istanbul, Turkey
shield driven tunnel on the asian continent


Among other projects consulting and planning services were carried out by PSP in recent years for the projects listed above, some of them in cooperation with other engineering offices.

Please request here for an extensive list of references.